Speaking Engagements

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Speaking Topics & Interviews

Speaking topics and Interviews

  • What is a doula?
  • Doula in the Field
  • Maternal Mortality & Morbidity
  • Cesarean Health & Wellness
  • Reproductive Justice
  • Racism in reproductive Healthcare
  • Breastfeed in the Black Community
  • Birthworker as a whole
  • Childbirth Education as a whole
  • Sexual Health Advocate
  • Sexual Heath

Partners & Relationships

Partners that I have worked with

American Academy of Pediatrics Perivax Project Echo PSI-NJ
(Postpartum International NJ)

Montclair State University
(Doula Dialouges NJ)
Black Girl Health
(The Superwoman Project)
Camden Healthy Start


Also with a host of podcast and panel appearances

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